Overwatch With Piffy

I played Overwatch today again with Piffy. He was a little snarky today.

Desert Island Albums

Recently, I had a conversation with a few friends about music.  I’m always tempted to prompt people on their Top-5 Desert Island Album picks and usually have a difficult time coming up with mine. So this time I’m going to go on-record. Read more about Desert Island Albums

Sold: 2014 Monte Harrison Blue Refractor Auto 21/150

I still buy Brewers prospect cards from time to time. Just sold this Monte Harrison to a collector for almost double. I like Harrison a lot but there was a time in the last couple of years where I wondered if this was wasted money. Harrison found his way in the mid-minors and has re-emerged […]

The Free Press Has A Problem

Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to make the press look bad. He’s blasted them to their face in press conferences, brought the term “Fake News” to a heightened awareness, and de-legitimized them in every way possible on social media. The free press has a problem but it’s not that they’re too hard on the President – it’s that they’re too easy on him. Read more about The Free Press Has A Problem

Overwatch With Piffy

You meet some real characters playing games online.  Here I play Overwatch with Piffy. I’m not completely sure if that’s his real voice but I haven’t seen him break character yet. Just beware that some of the time you may hear me talking they are not able to hear me.

MLB The Show 17 – How To Dismantle An Opponent

MLB The Show is the console game I put the most time into each year.  I’ve played thousands of hours of MLB The Show and average anywhere between 1000 to 1500 contests played each year.  I’m not great at every sports game and struggled mightly with Madden Football in recent years. But 25-years of organized baseball in my past gives me an edge. I’m especially proud when I’m able to use pitch sequencing to setup a hitter. Read more about MLB The Show 17 – How To Dismantle An Opponent