Overwatch Is Ruining My Life

I got into Overwatch late. I’ve never been into super-fast-paced shooters such as Team Fortress or CS:GO but I am a current investor in Activision (ATVI).  I follow Activision/Blizzards stock daily and heard a lot about it.

I heard it described as I’m sure many have as the ultimate game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and I will say it’s wonderfully balanced.  For every character there’s a counter but even a perfect nemesis can be beaten with skill. Here’s a broadcast I did for a while when I first started. I’ve improved somewhat after countless hours as the beauty of Overwatch is learning the nuances of each character.

I started playing a lot of Lució as he’s easy to keep alive. I struggled with McCree and Hansa as they were harder to learn and had awkward movements. Enjoy!

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