The Free Press Has A Problem

Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to make the press look bad. He’s blasted them to their face in press conferences, brought the term “Fake News” to a heightened awareness, and de-legitimized them in every way possible on social media. The free press has a problem but it’s not that they’re too hard on the President – it’s that they’re too easy on him.

An interview from the 2016 campaign that sticks out in my mind from the 2016 campaign was given by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on what he would do if given the chance to interview Donald Trump.

Cuban adds, “One of the key reasons the media hasn’t been able to pin him down is because they let him off the hook when he goes off topic or doesn’t answer the question,” Cuban says. “I won’t.”

The Press is still allowing Donald Trump to casually babble his way through questions without any follow up to the details of his “plans” while in office.

Maybe reporters are starting to see through Trump’s ability to glide through questions by the press or are they told not to follow up?  There is also the issue that questioning Trump on further detail is doing so in his element. Cuban, hypothetically, wanted to enter a controlled environment with Trump during the campaign.

However the future plays out the media’s issue isn’t that they produce fake-news, it’s that they don’t follow-up their own questions to the President forcing him to display competence in any subject matter. And until I find out why this is starting to look intentional.

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