Sold: 2014 Monte Harrison Blue Refractor Auto 21/150

I still buy Brewers prospect cards from time to time. Just sold this Monte Harrison to a collector for almost double. I like Harrison a lot but there was a time in the last couple of years where I wondered if this was wasted money.

Harrison found his way in the mid-minors and has re-emerged as a viable prospect for the Brewers. He’ll head into Double-A this season but this purchase should serve as a reminder to fellow prospectors that by the time the player reaches the Major Leagues you should have exited the market by then.

Card: 2014 Bowman Chrome Monte Harrison Blue Refractor Auto
Numbered:  21/150
Purchased:  01/07/2015
Purchase Amount:  $49.88
Sale:  12/29/2017
Sale Amount:  $80.00

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