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I don’t follow that many people on Twitter. I believe the number of accounts I’m following at present is around 415.  Instead, like many people out there I create lists and follow them through a Twitter client.  This way I can keep an eye on everything that interests me.  Also, this is a good way to limit information passing you by on one main feed.

I leave most of my lists public, especially my Politics list which is the largest list in my inventory. I am especially proud of this list and curate it constantly. I include everyone in the politisphere regardless of ideology. Incidentally, I have had to remove three or four personalities from this list. This was not because of ideas they proposed or comments they made. This was due to their overflooding and obnoxious Twitter-style.

You can follow my public lists here:

Master List


Politics – Wisconsin



Milwaukee Bucks








There are more but those are the ones I usually am curating constantly.  Hope you find them useful!


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