Three Albums I’ve Been Listening To

Quanantine stinks. I recently subscribed to YouTube Music and have been listening to a lot of different things while stuck inside.

Although I probably stick to my blues-based staples too much I have been trying to branch-out more often and experience different things.

SuperSession (Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills)


Three of the greatest musicians of all time colaborate in this blues and rock culmination. “Alberts Shuffle” is everything I love about Mike Bloomfield down to the big reverb and fast, twangy, Telecaster-blues licks.

Rift (Phish)

Phish Rift.jpg

“Rift” was the first Phish album I purchased when I was fourteen years old and I admit I may still not entirely get the appeal of the band. Rift is a concept-album outlining the subjects struggles with a breakup and it’s very interesting to see how this is played out through the album.

Animals (Pink Floyd)

An image of the Battersea Power Station in England, where a giant pig can be seen flying between its left chimneys.

Pink Floyd’s “Animals” isn’t my favorite album from the band. That being said I constantly find myself coming back to it hoping I’ve already forgotten what I heard the first 100 times around.

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