I Really Should Do More With This Blog (And Maybe Less With My Life)

I neglect this blog yet I pay for the hosting month-after-month. I want to write about things but when I get down to it I never can settle on what to blog about. As this is my personal blog I think I have a difficult time when I’m not nailed-down to one specific topic.

I’ve always been a pretty spread-out person. I was never short on activities and hobbies as a kid. This continued into adulthood and I often find myself moving from obsession to obsession often not finishing what I had previously started on. I have an old printer sitting in the middle of my living room – it’s been there for about seven weeks now. I bought a new printer and installed it – yet never completely finished disposing of the old one. I think I have some kind of A.D.D..

I bought a Trek Fuel Ex 5 Dual Suspension mountain bike and have ridden it three times.

I bought a mountain bike earlier this winter. I thought it would be a good solo activity to do during the pandemic. I bought the shoes, the helmet, a pump, the necessary clothing and even a backup water bottle. I’ve ridden the thing three times because once the initial urge passed during a long Wisconsin winter I fell victim to my weakness which is picking things back up and completing them. I’ve always had this problem.

If I’m not inspired to do something and seize that moment from the beginning I generally don’t come back to something with the same level of passion I once had. Maybe writing about this will make me more aware and I’ll change something. But, this is going to be a difficult set of habits to break.

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