MLBTheShow18: Online Ranked Scripted?

Finally got a few minutes to broadcast the new MLBTheShow18 on PS4.  I look forward to this game more than any others every year but this year seems REALLY scripted.

MLBTheShow17: Called Shot And Called Quits

Had a pretty dominating day on the field in MLBTheShow17 ranked play although the first one didn’t come easy. Watch the ab’s at 2h52m40s and 3h9m. Called a shot. Called a quit.

MLBTheShow17: Rigged?

When you play certain ranked matches, and I’ve played thousands, you can pick up that some of this is scripted. I had a hell of a day beating opponents and couldn’t take it anymore in the end!

Overwatch With Piffy

I played Overwatch today again with Piffy. He was a little snarky today.

Overwatch With Piffy

You meet some real characters playing games online.  Here I play Overwatch with Piffy. I’m not completely sure if that’s his real voice but I haven’t seen him break character yet. Just beware that some of the time you may hear me talking they are not able to hear me.